Swimming Pools

Aqua King Pools specialises in swimming pool installations. Please call today for any questions, advice or for a quote!

Liner Swimming Pools

Aqua King Construction Ltd constructs the shell for a liner pool from concrete blocks. Using Concrete Blocks offers greater long term durability and a better quality swimming pool. A custom made liner is fitted to make the shell water tight and are also available in a variety of different colours and patterns.

Reinforced Concrete Pool

A Reinforced concrete pool is the luxury top end specification for a swimming pool, as it is better quality, more expensive to construct, and generally has a longer life. The shell for a Reinforced Concrete pool is built of steel reinforced concrete. Waterproof render can be applied and finished in tiles, natural stone or simply pool plater.

Indoor Swimming Pools

We can also install indoor swimming pools for you in an existing building, or we can build a new pool house dedicated for your swimming pool! Aqua King construction ltd can undertake the entire project including air handling and dehumidification